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How do I get support for my ministry?

It's difficult out there for a Christian artist not siged to a large label to get support for their ministry. You need all the exposure you can get. While the Internet makes it easy to get your message out to the masses, it's difficult to know how to use the available tools effectively and to your advantage. Social media makes it easy to post flyers, set up events and reach out to your fans. Almost every artist we speak to wants to know how they can improve the performance of their ministry.

Are you a Christian/Gospel artist not signed with a label? Do you want to make a living with your music? Have you recorded at least a single? If you can answer "yes" to any or all of these questions, we can help you with marketing your ministry in the digital age.

Grab a free music ministry assessment session with us

Speaking to artists about the frustrations that they’re facing with gaining support for their ministry is something that we cherish having the opportunity to do.

Mainly because we know we can help them.

So every week we set aside a small amount of time when we can connect with artists who are facing challenges and put together a road plan of improvements that they can make in their marketing strategy.

I’m busy. Why should I make time?

This may be the best 30 minutes you spend on your ministry this month.

Your ministry assessment session is free and together we will:

  • look at your current marketing strategy and identify areas for improvement
  • review the messaging and elements which need attention
  • help you gain clarity on steps to improve your messaging
  • provide you with a set of actions that you can take away and implement right away

The effect of this will make a real difference to the goals and outcomes of your ministry.

We value your time and realize that you have many other things that that are demanding your attention, which is why we strive to make this call full of easy to implement steps which you can be taking today, along with helpful tools.

Kevin James literally sit on the phone with me for hours pouring into me as an artist. It's so much he says I try to write everything down because the information is sooooooo rich and true!

Kevin has help me in many different ways, he helped my with branding, marketing, social media, radio and most importantly KLT which he says so often, "It's like dating, the people has to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you" or his favorite phrase "music doesn't sale music anymore" " people support who they like" all those quotes are true!!!

The man has the knowledge and experience all you have to do is 1. Listen, 2. Apply, 3. Market and if you do those 3 things alone you will achieve number 4. KLT= people will Know, Like and Trust you.

~Donnell Russell

"This awesome lady, Simone Henry, is someone who really looks out for independent artists. If you don't know about #ECHEmusic please do look into it. Valuable opportunities and info." ~Kyla Simone, kylasimone.com

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