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Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons


       I am originally from Brooklyn NY (ENY) and now currently reside in Maryland.  Growing up in Brooklyn, I was always around music.  I loved it so much that I became a DJ working with my Uncle Philbert aka Wolf.  Working with him exposed me to different genres of music.  Depending on his event you could hear country music, Pop, Contemporary, Rap/Hip-hop, R&B, Calypso/Soca, or Reggae/Dancehall music, Dance/EDM, Gospel, Jazz and classic music from the 60’s on up to current day easy listening or lounge music.  He taught me so much about music through mixing and blending but the most important lesson he taught me was to always have fun because the crowd feeds of the music and energy you give out.  While I was spinning records I would always sing them to myself especially the R&B songs but never had the confidence to sing so others could hear me.  Since I’ve been under the grace and mercy of God through Jesus, I sing to the glory of God and encourage his people to do the same.  My God has blessed me with the opportunity to sing on the Choir and Praise Team.  One thing that I practice every day is learning new things about God, his people and his culture. The more I learn about God the more I understand how important his music is to the spirit of his people.   I have developed a love and passion for God because he has given me the ability to create music even when I didn’t think I could do it.  I couldn’t even play an instrument but through the passion, desire and a strong will that he has given me; I learned to play the keyboard enough to create music.  God has done so much in my life that the least I could do is create music that glorifies him.  I respect and appreciate traditional gospel music and I love the harmony and energy of choirs.  However, I am inspired by all kinds of music which is influential in creating my own sound.  I challenge myself to create lyrics that minister to the souls of those who enjoy my music.  Praising and worshipping God while encouraging my listeners to join in is the core of the music I create.  The word of God is laced into my lyrics as this is a ministry that lifts up Jesus.  This is an important component in the music because the anointing of the music only comes from his word.      


He's Worthy of the Praise
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I will Worship (the Decree)
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In your Presence
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Praise and Worship

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