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Tiffany Cheyenne

Tiffany Cheyenne


Tiffany Cheyenne is a girl on fire for the Lord. Tiffany holds many titles as a singer, songwriter, poet, author, and so much more. In 2011, Tiffany Cheyenne released her first inspirational poetry book entitled " A Word For Your Storm." Tiffany Cheyenne also has written for one of the biggest Christian female bloggers I Am A Woman Of God; she was a freelancer writer for the duration of one year. In 2012 and 2013 Tiffany Cheyenne won the Who's Who Poet of the Year award and was listed amongst the top poets nationally and internationally landing her two awards and her work published in books all over the world. Tiffany's work has also been showcased with well known movements such as "The Pain of a Blaque Woman tour which originated from New York , which platforms other artist such as Beverly Bonds, Mya Cambell, Sunshine Anderson and so many other infamous artists. Tiffany Cheyenne has a passion for serving the Lord and loves to help people. One way Tiffany gives back to the community is by volunteering for surrounding churches and organzations with her highly demanded literature, poetry, and prophetic PowerPoint presentations. In 2013, Tiffany Cheyenne would go on and open up her Ministerial Writing business named I'SAI-LO in which the name was inspired by her three blessed gifts, her children. On this mission Tiffany is quick to inform anyone that she is on a co-mission with God, He speaks and Tiffany writes. Tiffany Cheyenne loves life and people from all walks of life. Later in 2013, as Tiffany was ushered behind the veil with God, it was there when God informed Tiffany that is was time to come forth with her album that they had been working on entitled "Battleground" and the first single to be released off that album is "My Time Is Coming'. Tiffany Cheyenne is God's handmaiden, and an available vessel that uses her borrowed breath to tell everyone about the GOODNESS of JESUS!


My Time Is Coming
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