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Anita Faye

Anita Faye


Anita Faye is an authentic inspirational artist and vocal prodigy who is an accomplished songwriter, recording artist and sought after performer. She possesses a soothing but powerful multi-octave soprano that is above all else anointed. Among her noted accomplishments, Anita Faye has opened for Martha Munizzi at the Monterey Gospel Festival, was a member of the Edwin Hawkins Youth & Young Adult Mass Choir, and of late has been both a host and special guest vocalist at Sherry Gordy’s Take the Stage showcase in Las Vegas. Anita Faye first received national recognition after the release of her first Gospel CD "R U Willing," produced by Bill Moss, Jr. (Byron Cage, Kelly Price and J Moss). The album was nominated for Best Gospel Album at the International Independent Music Awards and received admirable radio airplay. Anita Faye’s authentic style and powerful delivery is emerging as a breath of fresh air across the inspirational and Gospel music spectrums and has positioned her for further notoriety. Her upcoming EP features an awesome jazz remake of "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand" plus an inspirational remake of "Close To You," which is a fresh twist on The Carpenter's classic hit. There are also 3 completely original tracks penned by Anita that reveal different elements of her personal style, life experiences and spiritual expression. All tracks highlight Anita’s penchant for unique sound, an eclectic musical sensibility, and heartfelt songwriting. Incorporating jazz and an urban musicality to the project Anita boldly combines the iconic with new “inspirational flava”... A must buy! Anita Faye’s musical journey began before she could even form sentences…singing to stuffed animals into the wee hours of the morning! A self-professed late bloomer, her evolution as an artist continues with her learning to play the guitar, enhancing her songwriting, exploring new musical genres and performing in diverse settings. Anita Faye’s motivation stems from her Christian upbringing, her lifelong dedication to personal and professional excellence and her innate desire to share with the world her special God inspired gift of music. Anita is guided by one of her favorite scriptures, Mark 9:23 which states: "All things are possible to the one that believes." Even if someone has the smallest amount of faith on earth, I want to inspire anddare people to start believing or to believe again! - Anita Faye  


Til it Reaches Heaven
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Las Vegas, NV


Inspirational, Jazz, Praise and Worship, R&P/Soul

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