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Born Clyde Isley Jr. on November 24th 1978 to Clyde and Theresa Isley Sr. in Bridgeport, Ct. Biblical principles were instilled in C.Elevation from a child but as he got older he strayed away from the truth. Past decisions caused him to dig a hole that he himself could not get out of and that is when he turned to Jesus and asked him to be lord and savior over his life while on his knees in his living room. As he grew more mature and truly began to notice his surroundings such as hip hop music and it's influence on it's listeners he saw an opportunity to uplift and encourage and even point those in search of true life to the same Jesus who saved him. In 2004 he trashed all of his old notepads and began composing truth music or freedom music if you will or what some call Gospel rap. He has since traveled to several different events to share with the youth as well as fans of hip hop and even some who were at once not fans, the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. He has seen first hand families restored, teens battling suicide becoming optimistic and happy about life, and young men being mentored instead of left to the streets just to name a few things. Each triumph stemmed from promoting Christ in this genre of music while entertaining.He has dedicated his life to spreading this type of love in each song to bring to those hope who once had no hope. C.Elevation has been writing music and performing since 2004. He has a strong desire to see souls saved and wounded hearts mended. C.Elevation's discography consists of his first mix tape "Holy Heat Vol. 1", Debut album "Gutter To Glory", 2nd mix tape Holy Heat Vol. 2, and he is currently putting the final touches on his sophomore album "Glory To Glory" which is due to be released before Christmas.


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Holy Hip Hop

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Flame, Da Truth

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