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Light of Love

Light of Love


With four unique voices, non-traditional look, and a different twist and style, Light of Love is one of gospel music’s most artistic female groups delivering an electrifying contribution to the music arena. Their high energy, enthusiastic and heart-felt performance, will leave you wanting more.Starting with a few close friends, Light of Love was formed in January 1988, because of a passion for music and harmony that was unique and vibrant. When friends moved on pursuing other interest, the group became just sisters. It's not a coincidence that their mom and dad influenced their love for music very early, although the times were very traditional. The sisters managed to become acquainted with artist who sparked their contemporary interest, particularly artist like Andre Crouch, The Hawkins Family, Marvin Yancy, James Cleveland,and many early 80's secular artist. Because their musical influences were so vast, Light of Love has evolved into a well rounded music force.Through years of singing, they have learned that songs have a message. The message of love is important and is clearly expressed in their music. Each selection will uplift and inspire you. Covering extraordinary stylistic ground, yet retaining the positive message of God’s love. It is evident through their polished professional presentation that they take their music seriously, but by no means is their presentation typical. These dynamic vocalists are willing to take the artistic dare by incorporating traditional gospel into non-traditional elements of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, and R&B.Music is only a vehicle of getting the message across. If there is one language that the world understands, it is the language of music. Light of Love is presently sharing their gift of music with massive audiences nationally as well as internationally. They have received critical acclaim during their recent concerts in Australia, Sweden, Africa, Canada, Germany, Norway, and Italy. They have supported a veritable “Who’s Who” of gospel greats including Grammy Award winners Andrae Crouch, Albertina Walker, Shirley Caesar, Jessy Dixon and Grammy Award winner & Stellar Award Male Vocalist of the Year, Donnie McClurkin. The famous Caravans, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Bobby McFerrin, pop-artist George Michael, Lyle Lovett, Paul Simon, and TOTO have also been blessed by their accompaniment.


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