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Jo Ann Travis-Clark

Jo Ann Travis-Clark


Jo Ann Travis-Clark has had a lifelong dream of becoming a singer and songwriter. Her newly released 2nd gospel single titled, "I’m Not Afraid" was released in July 2014. Her 1st single, “One Day at a Time” was released in December 2013. Jo Ann was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and she currently resides in the metro Nashville, Tennessee area where she works as an Audit Manager; however, she has endeavored to pursue her true passion...singing and song-writing. She has the ability to write songs, poetry, plays, screenplays and books.  She has published two books, one biblically inspired poetry book titled, “Saving Our Youth Through Poetry” and one children’s poetry book titled, “Stop Bullying ME!”  She has also written a novel and movie script titled “The Influence.”  She has a host of biblically inspired writings that will soon publish.  Even though she had faced many obstacles when she attempted to pursue her dreams in the past, she never gave up hope.  She believes that no man controls her destiny, such power lies within her hands with God's help.  This is the beginning of great things to come for her as she steps out on faith and leave her past fears behind. Faith will open all doors! Jo Ann has a passion to release music that will heal relationships, cause people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams and to let people know that God would put no more on you than you can bear.  She believes that positive music will create and maintain positive atmospheres.  Jo Ann believes that she will become one of the best songwriters and vocal artists of our time.  She believes that God is the source of her supply and he has supplied her with her many gifts and talents.  She is humble and knows that ALL good things come from God!!!“I’m Not Afraid” was inspired by her past experiences of living in fear.  Fear has suppressed many gifts and talents and she decided to break out of that fear by showing the world her God-given talents in hopes of others, who have been victimized by fear, being provoked to flourish.  She has a poem titled, “Fear Is Not My Friend” in her 1st book that this song derived from.   This song will be a part of the album that she is currently working on titled "You Can Make It!"  Daniel Miree produced and co-wrote this song, as he will produce her whole album.  He is such a gifted producer, songwriter and singer here in Nashville, TN, and Jo Ann feels blessed to have met him.  Contact Information:  Website: www.joanntravis.webs.com        Facebook Artist Page: http://m.facebook.com/joanntravisclarkTwitter:  www.twitter.com/joannclk         E-mail: joannclk@comcast.net YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX6RSfCLFSM  Song Cast Link: http://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/joannclk Phone: 615-512-3908  Websites for MP3 purchase(s)/downloads CD Baby, iTunes, Pandora & Amazon: • www.cdbaby.com/cd/joanntravisclark2   (One Day at a Time) • www.cdbaby.com/cd/joanntravisclark3   (I’m Not Afraid) • http://www.griffithinconlinestore.com/Gospel-music-p/679313.htm (I’m Not Afraid) • www.pandora.com


I'm Not Afraid
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One Day at a Time
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Nashville, TN


Gospel, Jazz

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