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Renea Sings

Renea Sings


Renea Sings is a Native Washingtonian. She has a captivating way of gaining the attention of her audience and bringing a message of “hope” with her warm and transparent personality. As she invites others to share in her journey’s experiences from a teenage mom and head of the household at 17 years of age, to performing in Las Vegas; she will inspire “hope” in others to pursue their destinies as well. Renea has experienced and overcome many obstacles and challenges life can bring a teen mom (abusive relationships, homeless, drug abuse). She knows what it’s like to have broken dreams, and to be without hope. Today, Renea uses her gift of song to encourage others that “no matter where you find yourself in life, with GOD, theirs HOPE!” Renea has performed in Washington DC, and Las Vegas with the Legendary William DeVaughn, he is best known for his 70's hit "...diamond in the back, sunroof top, dig'n the scene with the gangsta lean..." song entitled; "Just be Thankful For What You Got". Lending her talent to community events such as “Back to School Concert” for Washington DC’s Heaven 1580, National Park Service “Summer Concert Series”, Bethesda Yacht Club with BET's Jeff Majors, Radio One's "One Love Festival" with the late, Ms. Sheila Steward (AKA "Miss DC Community". Currently, Renea performs her Debut Single titled "Destiny"! Destiny brings a timely and relevant message of "Hope" at a time when so many have lost hope. She will leave you inspired to pursue YOUR"DESTINY" Regardless of where you find yourself in life!


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Nashville, TN


Contemporary, Holy Hip Hop, Rock, Inspirational, Praise and Worship, R&P/Soul, Dance/Techno, Alternative

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