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No one can build a solid music ministry alone. It takes a team of people with experience in all areas of the music industry. But unless you're already making a living with your music, we know your time and money are in short supply. That's why we created this service that brings the resources you need to you. We've set up a directory of companies that offer products and services you need to push your music career forward. We also help you submit your music to radio and get performance opportunities all in one place!

  Basics Artist Label
Music Discovery Newsletter yes yes yes
Browse vendors yes yes yes
Get vendor reputation   yes yes
Resource Library   yes yes
Submit songs to radio   yes yes
Free gig bookings   yes yes
Discounts on all other ECHE products/events   yes yes
Access to private Facebook community   yes yes
Manage multiple artist accounts     yes
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Need hands-on help promoting your music?
We have the knowledge, tools and expertise necessary to help you engage with your fans turning them into superfans.

It's difficult out there for a Christian artist not siged to a large label to get support for their ministry. You need all the exposure you can get. While the Internet makes it easy to get your message out to the masses, it's difficult to know how to use the available tools effectively and to your advantage. Social media makes it easy to post flyers, set up events and reach out to your fans. Almost every artist we speak to wants to know how they can improve the performance of their ministry.

Are you a Christian/Gospel artist not signed with a label? Do you want to make a living with your music? Have you recorded at least a single? If you can answer "yes" to any or all of these questions, we can help you with marketing your ministry in the digital age.