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What is ECHE?

Simone Henry My name is Simone Henry, and I'm the founder of The Christian Jukebox, the parent company of ECHE Music. The Christian Jukebox is composed of two brands -- CJB Radio and ECHE Music. CJB Radio was started as a companion radio station to TheChristianJukebox.com. TheChristianJukebox.com was a digital distribution service for Christian Independent artists. Once TheChristianJukebox.com was shut down, I still saw the need to help Christian Independent artists learn about the music industry and market their music to the world. ECHE, launched in July of 2013, was born out of that need. ECHE is a site which connects Christian Independent artists to the resources they need. You can sign up and create a profile which will allow our website visitors to check out your music. Once you become a member, your songs will be sent to indie-friendly radio stations who are looking for fresh music. We are also building a list of vendors and gigs in order to help you build your music ministry and career.

ECHE is a ground-breaking, innovative service for independent Christian artists, internet radio stations, promoters, venues, churches and organizations. As one of the web’s most passionate online Christian music communities, ECHE opens the door for new indie artists to secure airplay and be discovered by radio programmers. Radio programmers will have access to new artist’s music submissions which will keep their station’s content fresh.

Bringing various facets of the Christian music community together, ECHE grants artists easier access to being heard on radio stations and being booked with venues. Meanwhile, ECHE gives venues and companies with services for artists a more streamlined access to them.

Started in 2013, ECHE’s CEO, Simone Henry, envisioned a service which would meet the needs of the online Christian music community. As the award-winning* internet radio station owner of CJB Radio, Simone brought together resources to meet the needs artists sought.

On traditional terrestrial radio stations, securing airplay is sometimes difficult for independent artists. ECHE is the solution. Not only does ECHE make it possible for artists to be heard, but it also offers artists a variety of other services to increase artists skills, education and experience. (For more information, see Why Join?)

For companies with artist resources, services and products, reaching this niche community may be a challenge. ECHE is the solution. With ECHE’s roster of artists, labels and promoters, companies with artist offerings have a one-stop shop.

Labels and promoters spend many hours marketing their artist’s music to stations, sometimes with very little reward. ECHE is the solution. Not only can labels/promoters make multiple submissions quickly and effortlessly, but the ratings submitted by radio stations will be helpful in honing their efforts for their artists.

Internet radio stations sometimes have limited access to music without having to pay exorbitant rates for access. ECHE is the solution. Internet radio stations will appreciate the quick, easy, and FREE access to receive, download and play music submitted by artists and promoters.

Venues and churches looking to book artists often have issues connecting with or finding artists to fit their specific needs. ECHE is the solution. ECHE provides access to many of today’s top new Christian indie artists.

No matter what the challenge in the online Christian music community, ECHE is the solution.

* Gospel Blue M.I.C. Award for Internet Station of the Year